UF Research Promotion Initiative

UF has a Research Promotion Initiative which aims to connect your research to UF’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing (SCM) for potential promotion to media organizations as well as across university-based communications. To enter your research for consideration, please submit your peer-reviewed journal articles, books, literary essays or scholarly monographs to SCM by completing this form. SCM will contact the authors for the winning entries to work collaboratively, often with the communications professionals in your units, to increase recognition of your work. Additionally, the SCM team awards $1,000 to authors of papers selected for promotion, which can be used on research-related activities, such as travel, books and supplies.

Submissions from all areas of campus are welcome, with research involving AI of particular interest. To maximize the chances of earning coverage in national and international news outlets, please submit your work after it has been accepted for publication but before it has been published. SCM will work with researchers to ensure that any embargoes are honored. Entries that are not selected may still be featured on news and social media platforms by SCM and/or college or unit communications offices. Additionally, if you believe your research may be of interest to the media, we encourage you to contact your college’s communications office as well. Doing so will not impact your eligibility for the Research Promotion Initiative. If you have questions or would like to discuss, please contact UF Director of Communications, Brittany Wise, at Brittany.alana@ufl.edu.