Awarded Projects for May 2022

Congratulations to Frank Fernandez and Banafsheh Moradi for their award from the Spencer Foundation; Frank Fernandezfor his subcontract William T. Grant Foundation flow through award from Northern Illinois University; Hyunyi Jung, Chonika Coleman King, Zandra de Araujo, and Mary Bratsch-Hines for their award from the National Science Foundation; Chonika Coleman King and Taryrn Brown for their award from the Children’s Trust of Alachua County; Herman Knopf for his two awards, one from Florida’s Office of Early Learning and one subcontract Helios Foundation flow through from the Early Learning Coalition of Orange County; Wanli Xing for his award from the National Science Foundation; and Sandip Ray and Wanli Xingfor their award from the National Science Foundation.

College of Education
Awarded Projects May 2022
Principal Investigator: Frank Fernandez (SHDOSE)
Co-PI: Banafsheh Moradi (Women’s Studies)
Funding Agency: Spencer Foundation
Project Title: An Interdisciplinary Convening on Using Intersectionality Theory in Quantitative Research: Seeking Shared Expectations on Review and Publishing Standards
Project Period: 7/1/2022 – 12/31/2023
Award Amount: $50,000
Principal Investigator: Frank Fernandez (SHDOSE)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: Northern Illinois University (Subcontract – W.T. Grant Flow Through)
Project Title: Merit Financial Aid and Inequality; Examining Variation in Policy and Effects on Social Mobility
Project Period: 10/1/2021 – 9/30/2023
Award Amount: $20,620
Principal Investigator: Hyunyi Jung (STL)
Co-PI: Chonika Coleman King (STL), Zandra de Araujo (Lastinger Center), & Mary Bratsch-Hines (Lastinger Center)
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
Project Title: Empowering Students with Choice through Equitable and Interactive Mathematical Modeling (EIM2)
Project Period: 7/1/2022 – 6/30/2026
Award Amount: $1,978,280
Principal Investigator: Chonika Coleman King (STL)
Co-PI: Taryrn Brown (STL)
Funding Agency: Children’s Trust of Alachua County
Project Title: Akwaaba Freedom School
Project Period: 10/1/2021 – 9/30/2022
Award Amount: $60,000
Principal Investigator: Herman Knopf (AZCEECS)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: Early Learning Coalition of Orange County (Subcontract – Helios Foundation Flow Through)
Project Title: Orange County Child Care Access Project
Project Period: 4/14/2022 – 12/31/2022
Award Amount: $29,961
Principal Investigator: Herman Knopf (AZCEECS)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: Florida’s Office of Early Learning
Project Title: Career Ladder Identifier and Financial Forecaster (CLIFF) Dashboard Pilot Evaluation
Project Period: 4/20/2022 – 6/30/2022
Award Amount: $19,902
Principal Investigator: Wanli Xing (STL)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
Project Title: Collaborative Research: DTI: Project SPAC3: A Culturally Relevant Approach to Spatial Computational Thinking Skills and Career Awareness through an Immersive Virtual Environment
Project Period: 6/1/2022 – 5/31/2026
Award Amount: $227,619
Principal Investigator: Sandip Ray (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Co-PI: Wanli Xing (STL)
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
Project Title: REU Site: Secure, Accessible, and Sustainable Transportation
Project Period: 3/1/2022 – 2/28/2025
Award Amount: $117,975