IES What Works Clearinghouse Webinar Is Still Available

The March 2015 What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) webinar “Designing Quasi-Experiments: Meeting What Works Clearinghouse Standards Without Random Assignment” will be available for viewing until March 2016. For a presentation on designing strong quasi-experimental studies to test the effectiveness of education interventions in schools and classrooms, go to the event registration webpage and enter your name, email, and affiliation. Then click Launch Presentation. Click on the Resources List icon at the bottom of the webinar screen to download the following pdf attachments:

  • Glossary of Terms
  • Links to WWC Resources
  • Quasi-Experimental Design Case Studies
  • Presentation Slides

The presentation slides (without audio) and the pdf attachments are also available on the OER Faculty Development webpage.

Both randomized controlled trials and quasi-experimental designs have the potential to meet WWC standards. While randomized controlled trials provide the strongest evidence and can meet standards without reservations, random assignment is not always possible. However, there are other ways to evaluate interventions and provide reliable evidence.

This webinar will explain how to design and execute high-quality quasi-experimental designs (QEDs) with the intent of meeting WWC standards with reservations. The presentation will include guidance on key features to keep in mind while designing the study, information the WWC looks for in order to assess the study, pitfalls and strengths of studies reviewed by the WWC, and common misconceptions about different types of QEDs.