NSF Implements Proposal Compliance Checks in FastLane Effective April 24, 2015

On April 24, 2015, the National Science Foundation (NSF) released updates to FastLane that may impact the way you work. Proposals submitted in response to program solicitations in FastLane will now undergo a series of automated proposal compliance validation checks to ensure they comply with requirements outlined in the PAPPG (Chapter II.C.2 of the Grants Proposal Guide).

These checks automatically validate a proposal for compliance against proposal sections per type of funding mechanism. For example, an error message will appear if a project description or budget are not provided in proposals submitted in response to a program solicitation. Checks are triggered when proposers select the “Check Proposal,” “Forward to SPO,” or “Submit Proposal” functions. Depending on the rule being checked, a warning or error message will display when a proposal is found to be noncompliant. If an error message appears, the proposal cannot be submitted until it is compliant.

To view a detailed list of all compliance checks, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the NSF Help Desk at 1-800-673-6188, or ithelpcentral@nsf.gov.