Proposed Fringe Benefit Rates Become Effective July 1, 2015

The FY 2016 proposed fringe benefit rates should be used in all grant and contract proposal budgets for any award expected to occur on or after July 1, 2015. UFIRST and Cayuse 424 proposal budgeting tools have been updated with the FY 2016 proposed fringe rates and will automatically calculate the fringe benefit amount needed for each individual included in the budget.

The employee categories and corresponding FY 2016 proposed benefit rates are as follows:

FY 2016 Proposed Fringe Benefit Rates
Category      Rate
Faculty (9-, 10-, and 12-month) 25.7%
COM Clinical Faculty 17.5%
TEAMS/USPS – Exempt 33.3%
TEAMS/USPS – Hourly 42.9%
House Staff 28.1%
Clinical Post Docs 28.1%
Graduate Assistants 14.9%
Post Docs 14.9%
Other OPS/Temporary Faculty 5.4%
Student OPS/Federal Work Study 2.6%

For more information see the UF Human Resource Services Fringe Benefits Pool webpage or contact DSP at