UFIRST Awards System Is Live

The UFIRST awards system is now live. All active awards have been converted and are now available for viewing and management. All new awards as well as modifications to awards requested (including no cost extensions, supplements, PI changes, incremental funding, etc.) must now be processed in UFIRST.

What Does This Mean To You?


  • Principal Investigators must now complete the Award Compliance Form in UFIRST prior to releasing any award. PIs are allowed to delegate this but must perform the delegation in UFIRST. Every key person must also complete the Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) declaration in UFIRST before any award can be released. Please visit the following instruction guides for more information:
  • As has been required on all awards since 2013, all key personnel must complete training courses RSH220 & RSH260 on Effort Fundamentals and Cost Principles. This was a one-time requirement, so if the courses have already been completed, you are not required to take them again.
  • Your award notification emails will now come from UFIRST rather than from eNOA email addresses. You will receive an email for any new award or any change to an award on which you are listed as the project manager (formerly myUFL PI) or the award PI.

Grants administrators:

  • Starting July 6, DSP will be sending you requests for budget breakouts, IRB approvals, and other award related requirements through UFIRST.
  • Starting July 6, any request for a change to a 201, 209 or 214 must be submitted through UFIRST. This includes no cost extensions, incremental funding, PI changes, moving budget between projects, clinical trial deposits, etc.

eNOA emails will now come from UFIRST
The email lists you have historically maintained for your department will NOT be used.  Anyone listed as a Grant Administrator (along with the PI & project managers) will receive this email.  If anyone in your unit received emails previously and needs to continue receiving them, you will either need to set up local email forward rules or add them as administrators.

Converted awards
(Active prior to June 30 and converted into UFIRST using their existing Award ID, e.g. 00098765)

  • Commitment data will be collected via UFIRST. However, please note that NO COMMITMENT DATA was converted into the system on existing awards.  If you need to make changes to commitments on awards that are active effective June 30, 2016 and do not have any converted commitment data in UFIRST (either performing this at the time of modification or at any point during the life of your award), you will need to enter commitments for the extension periods only.  Review myinvestigator to determine if commitments have already been entered for the period in which you are acting.
  • Review the data. There will be blank fields and there may be some data (project type) that was not captured in a way that is useful to your business (project names).  UPDATE THIS INFORMATION in UFIRST.
  • Modifications to dates and financials require you to create a new allocation. If you are not sure how to do this, attend RSH282 or review the Financial and Date Modification – Converted Award Instruction Guide.

Non-federal clinical trial end dates will not automatically be extended as the end date approaches. If your trial is nearing its project end date but will continue, please request a no cost extension via UFIRST.  If you are not sure how to do this, review the No Cost Extension Instruction Guide.

Other departmental staff:
Department administrators that do not need to perform actions in UFIRST may have historically had the Grants Administrator role to be able to view proposals. A new Viewer role is available so that staff can see UFIRST Awards without receiving email communications or being able to edit the unit’s Proposals or Awards. To move your previous Grant Administrator role to Viewer or to receive the Viewer role, please contact your college Grants Workflow Administrator.

Report users/creators:

  • All awards data for FY16 and prior will continue to be available as it has been. In the coming months, this data will be moved to and available only in UF Enterprise Reporting.

All awards data for FY17 and forward will be available in UF Enterprise Reporting; however, it will not be available on July 6. We will communicate through these same channels the date when it becomes available, aiming for an August 1 release. The data will be structured differently. FAR more information will be available than was historically. We will be having training classes specifically devoted to the new UFIRST awards reporting tables.

Resources to help:

Questions? Email ufirst@research.ufl.edu