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Christiana Akande

Christiana Akande’s research interests include Educational Measurement, psychometrics and large scale assessment. Specifically, her research focuses on item response theory equating methods as it relates to multiple linking, evaluating item parameter Drift (IPD) and scale […]

Zachary Collier

Zachary Collier received his M.A.E. degree in the REM program at the University of Florida in 2015 and then was admitted to the Ph.D. Program. He was awarded the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship to support his […]

Ren Liu

Ren is from Beijing, China, and joins the research and evaluation methodology program (REM) at UF from the University of Pennsylvania where he received an M.S. in Educational Linguistics. His primary areas of interest are […]

Francisco Jimenez

Francisco Jimenez was awarded both the 2012 Most Distinguished Paper Award for the paper “Estimating program effects with the short-Interrupted time-series design and multilevel models: An application to the evaluation of a job-embedded Master’s degree program for […]