Did You Know?: 2013

The number of young children
demonstrating problem behavior that
interferes with social/emotional
development continues to rise, with
estimates of 12-25% engaging in
behaviors that place them at-risk for
peer-rejection, academic failure and
negative life outcomes?

Pre-service teacher preparation
in special education and
effective professional
development significantly
increase an educator’s ability to
improve achievement for
students with disabilities?

Improved medical care
means that the 15-18% of
children with chronic illness
are living longer and need to
prepare for their transition
from high school?

Twenty of the 25 leading
industrialized nations begin
serious study of foreign
languages in grades K-5, while
most American schools do not
start the study of foreign
language until age 14?

More than 6 million students
with disabilities are taught in
U.S. public schools every
day, most in general
education classes?

Improving the reading skills
of incarcerated youth can
have a major impact on
their reintegration into
school, the community, and workforce?

In 2008, among the total
population between ages 25
and 29, 33% of Whites, 17%
of Blacks, and 11% of
Hispanics had at least a
bachelor’s degree?

The number of children
identified with an autism
spectrum disorder (ASD)
continues to rise with recent
figures estimating 1 in 88
children have an ASD?

Fewer than half (43%) of
school principals agreed that
most general educators were
well prepared to improve the
performance of students with

Women constitute about two-
thirds (63%) of the African
American college enrollment, and
a significant majority (66%) of
degree recipients when
compared to their male