Tenure and Promotion Committee

This committee will consist of two full, tenured professors from each school including a voting representative of the Council. Each member shall serve a three-year term. Start dates of terms shall be staggered within schools. The committee members will elect the committee chair. This committee shall make recommendations regarding tenure, promotion, and other related matters (e.g., market equity review) within the College of Education.

2018-2019 Tenure and Promotion Committee Membership

  • Pat Ashton (HDOSE)
  • Craig Wood (HDOSE, alternate)
  • Dale Campbell (HDSOE)
  • Kristen Kemple (SESPECS)
  • Paul Sindelar (SESPECS)
  • Elizabeth Washington (STL)
  • Buffy Bondy (STL)
  • Sevan Terzian (STL, alternate)