Technology and Distance Education Committee

Constitutional Responsibilities:

This committee will consist of two people from each school as well as a voting representative of the Council. This committee shall make recommendations regarding policies and matters related to technology and distance education within the College of Education.

2022-2023 Membership

  • Chair: Swapna (Fall), Sondra (Spring)
  • Dean’s Office Representative: Glenn Good, Tom Dana
  • Faculty Policy Council Representative: Julie Brown (Chair), Ashley MacSuga-Gage (Chair-Elect)
  • School of Human Development and Organizational Studies In Education: Chris Redding, Anne Seraphine, Wei Li, Ben Skinner, Cathy Atria (alternate)
  • School of Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies: James McLeskey, Linda Lombardino, Meg Kamman, Valentina Contesse, Alisa Hanson (alternate)
  • School of Teaching and Learning: Magdi Castaneda, Mark Pacheco, Catherine Paolucci, Hyuni Jung, Anthony Botelho (alternate)



End of Year Reports

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