ERIC in 2018: Bringing Education Research to Users

In 2018, ERIC continued to make high-quality education research publicly available, to create records that provide supporting information, and to share ERIC metadata with other search engines.

Pursued Good Sources

Since 1966, ERIC has added more than 1.7 million records of journal articles, reports, and other materials. In 2018, ERIC selected 42 new journals and 17 new grey-literature sources.

Worked to Make Research Publicly Available

In 2018, ERIC added the following:

  • 4,717 new full-text journal articles
  • 8,441 new grey-literature documents
  • 5,462 previously embargoed articles

Created Records with Supporting Information

In 2018, ERIC created 48,186 records, including 37,314 peer-reviewed materials, and 13,195 articles with full text. 

Powered Search Engines with ERIC Metadata

ERIC shared metadata to enable other search engines to power their searches with ERIC data.

Integrated with Other IES Resources

ERIC linked records with other IES resources, including What Works Clearinghouse study pages, abstracts from grants funded by IES Research Centers, and Ask-a-REL responses.

See the new infographic to learn more.