UFIT Announces Price Reduction for Storage Backup Services

A price reduction for UFIT’s storage backup service will go into effect July 1, 2019. The minimum savings customers will see is 40%, with further reduction in costs for customers who frequently request data recovery. Another advantage of the new pricing is that departments can accurately budget for storage needs, because costs will be predictable based on amount of data stored.

Historically, pricing has been based on three components: uploads to the server, downloads from the server, and the capacity used on the server. Starting July 1, no charges for uploads or downloads will be assessed, just a single cost for the same functionality and two backup copies at alternate locations. Beginning July 1, the cost will be $6.50 per TB per month.

In related news, UF’s virtual machine (VM) backup technology was upgraded last fall. The upgrade streamlines user processes and expands both coverage and system failure recovery options. All VM’s now automatically back up every day with seven days of retained backup. Users also have a simplified list of options in the VM hosting portal: On-demand backup, Full VM recovery, and VM file or folder recovery. Instructions for these options are online and in the VM portal.

Please contact UFIT Associate Director Barry Kinter at Barry.Kinter@ufl.edu with any questions you may have about VM service updates.