UF Faculty Insights Tool Helps Locate Potential Collaborators Across Campus

UF Faculty Insights is an online portal into the research portfolio of UF. This new collaboration tool is available to provide information on the research expertise of UF faculty. The tool is set up with two views: one for faculty, staff, and students and one for the public.

You can select a research topic, an individual scholar, a department, or a doctoral program. You can also “Browse UF Academic Units” to help you locate potential collaborators across campus. With proxy edit access, tool developers can work with departments on research summaries for faculty. Faculty can also edit their profile and add additional scholarly content.

Access the tool on the UF Institutional Planning and Research website:

The tool gives you a quick overview of the scholarly output of the department or doctoral program over the last three years. This information should also be helpful in promoting department programs.

Faculty hired through 2019-2020 are being loaded now and should be released in early October.

Select the internal view open to any faculty, staff, or student with a GatorLink ID.

Or select the new external view for the public.