NIH Releases New Policy for Data Management and Sharing

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released its Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing representing a commitment to share and make broadly available the results of publicly funded research. The new requirements were formed over many years with feedback from numerous stakeholders throughout the process.

The new final policy applies to all research funded or conducted by NIH that results in the generation of scientific data. NIH is providing a 2-year implementation period, and the final policy goes into effect on January 25, 2023. The current NIH Data Sharing policy, in effect since 2003, remains in effect until January 24, 2023.

The Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing has two main requirements (1) the submission of a Data Management and Sharing Plan (Plan); and (2) compliance with the approved Plan. NIH is asking for Plans at the time of submission of the application. NIH has built in the ability to update DMS Plans, but is expecting investigators and institutions to be accountable to the Plans they have laid out for themselves.

NIH has already provided additional supplementary information — on (1) elements of a data management and sharing plan; (2) allowable costs; and (3) selecting a data repository — in conjunction with the policy release.