U.S. ED Releases Proposed Priorities for Competitive Grant Programs

The U.S. Department of Education (U.S. ED) has released the Secretary’s proposed priorities for competitive grant programs. The priorities will allow U.S. ED and program participants to focus limited federal resources in areas of greatest educational need and on multiple issues related to improving student outcomes.

U.S. ED will consider comments before issuing the final priorities. Comments must be submitted on or before November 13, 2017.

For more information about these priorities, including the rationale for each, and to submit comments, view the Federal Register notice.

The proposed priorities include the following:


  1. Empowering Families to Choose a High-Quality Education that Meets Their Child’s Unique Needs.
  2. Promoting Innovation and Efficiency, Streamlining Education with an Increased Focus on Improving Student Outcomes, and Providing Increased Value to Students and Taxpayers.
  3. Fostering Flexible and Affordable Paths to Obtaining Knowledge and Skills.
  4. Fostering Knowledge and Promoting the Development of Skills that Prepare Students to be Informed, Thoughtful, and Productive Individuals and Citizens.
  5. Meeting the Unique Needs of Students And Children, including those with Disabilities and/or with Unique Gifts and Talents.
  6. Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education, With a Particular Focus on Computer Science.
  7. Promoting Literacy.
  8. Promoting Effective Instruction in Classrooms and Schools.
  9. Promoting Economic Opportunity.
  10. Encouraging Improved School Climate and Safer and More Respectful Interactions in a Positive and Safe Educational Environment.
  11. Ensuring that Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families Have Access to High-Quality Educational Choices.