UF Office of Research: Limited Submission Process

Funding agencies are increasingly restricting the number of applications an institution can submit in response to many funding opportunities. The UF Office of Research has established guidelines for selecting the proposal (or proposals) that will be submitted in response to a limited submission program.

A review of the limited submission process and relevant links are provided below:

The reviewers are asked to consider the following when evaluating the proposals:

  1. Scientific merit (based on the program and sponsor) and responsiveness to the call (the Office of Research provides the sponsor’s requirements)
  2. Qualifications of the applicant/team
  3. Appropriateness of the budget (if applicable) and justification
  4. Prior experience/exposure with the sponsor. If this is a second attempt, the Office of Research includes the prior proposal and reviewer comments (if available) for the review committee and asks the PI to specify how s/he plans to address the reviewers’ comments (if applicable). In the case of private foundations, comments may not be available, in which case the Office of Research provides the previous application alone.
  5. Depending on the program, a list of previous attempts by UF faculty, and a list of prior awardees is provided.

Please note: in cases where the Office of Research works with a particular unit (example – UFCC, MBI, College of Engineering) to conduct the internal selection, the Office of Research does NOT guide or oversee the process, but merely asks for the results.