Phases Out Legacy PDF Application Package

In the past, applicants have downloaded and filled out a single, big PDF application package that contained all the forms (i.e., the “legacy PDF application package”). To improve the application experience launched Workspace in October 2015. By December 31, 2017, the 2-year lead time for transitioning will end, and the legacy PDF application package will be retired.

  • Applicants will no longer be able to download the older, single PDF application package of forms.
  • Applicants can apply for grants using Workspace, which separates the application package into individual forms. Applicants can create a workspace, complete the individual PDF forms, and submit their application workspace package.
  • The new online forms interface is now available in (as of February 2017) and is only accessible through Workspace.
  • For any funding opportunities where applicants have downloaded the legacy PDF application package, they will be able to continue to submit that package until March 31, 2018.
  • S2S Submissions will continue to be supported.

For more information about Workspace, please visit the various Workspace resources:

Any questions on Workspace should be directed to the Support Center at or visit the Support page.