UF IRB Training Has Been Shortened

In the effort to streamline and target training for UF\Shands\VA researchers\research staff, effective March 21, 2019, the only IRB required training will be IRB Training (IRB803), which will be valid for three years. This training combines the content of CITI/NIH, HIPAA for Research, and IRB Local training. Every three years going forward, you will only need to complete the IRB803 training, which will be updated periodically. On average, this effort will shorten IRB required training by two hours.

As a reminder, UF IRBs review all research involving human subjects, data, or tissues. This includes research conducted off-site by university faculty and staff when acting as university employees or in connection with their university affiliation, as well as any work happening at a subaward or contractor’s site. Only the UF IRB (not the faculty, department, or DSP) can determine if your work is exempt from these regulations or agree to be covered by the subaward or contractors assurance.

  1. If your employment type requires HIPAA training to comply with the Federal Regulations, since HIPAA for Researchers (PRV 801) will no longer be available for users, effective, 3/21/19, you will need to complete the HIPAA General Awareness training (PRV 800) before the date your current HIPAA for Research Expires. This is overseen by the Privacy Office.
  2. This change does not affect your current IRB training status. You’ll be due to take the new IRB training (IRB803) when your current IRB Local training (IRB801/802) expires (i.e., three years after you took it).

If you have any questions, please contact the IRB offices:

IRB-01 at 352-273-9600 or e-mail ufirb-l@lists.ufl.edu

IRB-02 at 352-392-0433 or email irb2@ufl.edu

IRB-03 at 904-244-9746 or email IRBSubmission@jax.ufl.edu

UF Privacy Office at 352-294-8720 for HIPAA training related questions, or refer to the website for additional information.