UFIT Upgrades Storage System for UF Research

UFIT recently took delivery of a new storage system to replace the aging system currently in use. The new Qumulo storage system offers several options for researchers not in the current storage service, including the ability to easily scale-out the system if more space is needed for their files.

Qumulo delivers more robust customer support options while also providing additional storage system capabilities. Another advantage is that, in five to eight years when the current hardware has to be replaced, the upgrade will be nearly invisible to the faculty—no meetings or planning out the impact to their data and work time will be required.

UFIT staff are working with the new system now, testing it to ensure that all of the hardware is working properly. Staff will begin the file migration as soon as testing is complete. Full migration of system users’ files will be completed May 6-10, the week prior to the start of Summer A.

Anyone with questions about the new storage system and its impact may reach out to Research Computing Director Erik Deumens.