New Demo Video and Training Available for myinvestiGator

A brief online video is now available at myinvestiGator 2.0 Video Demo (New) providing an overview of myinvestiGator functionality. Additionally, OER will host a more in-depth myinvestiGator training for faculty this fall. Information on the training will be available soon.

MyinvestiGator is an online decision-support tool for sponsored projects.  The tool easily answers such questions as “How much money do I have left?” and “Can I hire another graduate student this summer?”  The navigation and information is geared specifically to principal investigators (PIs) with additional details available to administrators who can facilitate communication with core offices, review balances and transactions, and perform other management functions.

Navigation to myinvestiGator is through myUFL > Main Menu > myinvestiGator, or via direct access at

The Division of Sponsored Programs, Contracts and Grants, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and UFIT partnered to build myinvestiGator designed to increase accountability, transparency, and efficiency in UF’s sponsored activities.