Analytics for Equity Initiative

The Analytics for Equity initiative is a partnership between eight federal agencies to build “on the Evidence-Based Policymaking Act and E.O.13985 by creating a new way to support social, economic, and behavioral sciences research that leverages federal data assets (ensuring privacy is protected and data are secure) and scientific advances in researching equity-related topics for greater public benefit.” The initiative seeks to answer research questions in areas aligned with the Learning Agendas of the partnering agencies. There are 5 proposed areas of focus:


  1. Equity of access to STEM Research and Education Opportunities (Agency Partner: NSF)
  2. Environmental Stressors and Equity (Agency Partner: EPA)
  3. Equity in service delivery and supports including childcare, food security, or economic support (Agency Partner: HHS ASPE)
  4. Health Equity in the Wake of Climate Change (Agency Partner: HHS CDC)
  5. Equity considerations for Workplace Safety and Workers (Agency Partner: DOL)


A solicitation for proposals will be posted on 01/16/23 and be available for at least 45 days. For more information please visit the Analytics for Equity webpage.