Free Webinar: The Science of Communicating About AI

UF’s Center for Public Interest Communications will host a free webinar on the science of communicating about your work in artificial intelligence (AI). Learn insights from social, behavioral and cognitive science and real-world examples that can help you communicate more effectively about your work in AI. For people who don’t share your expertise, AI can evoke uncertainty, confusion and even fear. In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn evidence-based methods to build understanding for your work among people with different expertise, including funders, donors, policy makers and collaborators. Register in advance.

  • Tuesday, April 12, 2022
    3:00-4:30pm ET

All Things PostAward Webinar

UF MainSpring is presenting an interactive session with representatives from Contracts & Grants on how to maximize reviewing your award and monitoring expenditures with an eye towards a smooth project closeout. In addition to outlining key regulations and facilitating discussions on effort best practices, you will gain tips and tricks on how to leverage these post-award management concepts within your unit. Seating is limited, so register now.

  • Tuesday, April 12, 2022
    1:30-4:30pm ET

Awarded Projects for February 2022

Congratulations to Bruce MacFadden, Pavlo “Pasha” Antonenko, and Jeremy Waisome for their award from NSF; Pavlo “Pasha” Antonenko, Swarup Bhunia, and Mary Jo Koroly for their award from NSF; Maureen Conroyfor her subcontract UD Dept of Education Flow Through award from Virginia Commonwealth University; F. Chris Curran for his award from the U.S. Department of Jstice/NIJ; Ashley Pennypacker Hill for her award from FLDOE;Philip Poekert for his award from Florida’s Office of Early Learning; Anne Seraphine and David Miller for their award from FLDOE; Zuchao Shen and Wei Li for their award from the Spencer Foundation; and Joni Splett for her subcontract U.S. Dept of Ed/OSEP Flow Through award from the University of South Florida.

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Submitted Projects for February 2022

Best wishes to Elif Akcali and Pavlo “Pasha” Antonenko for their proposal to NSF; Christopher Anthony for his proposal to NIH; Hannah Mathews for her proposal to the Spencer Foundation; Ana Puig, Jacqueline Swank, and Diana Wilkie for their proposal to NIH; Paige Pullen and Philip Poekert for their proposal to FL DOE; Paige Pullen for her proposal to Shirley Proctor Puller Foundation; and Sandip Ray, Wanli Xing, Swarup Bhunia, and Janise McNair for their proposal to NSF.

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UF COE Announces 2022-2023 CRIF Award

The UF College of Education has announced its 2022-2023 College Research Incentive Fund (CRIF) opportunity to support faculty efforts to develop programmatic research that contributes to the college’s mission. This opportunity is solely provided by indirect costs (IDC) return from grants acquired by the college’s principal investigators. The primary purpose of the CRIF is to provide seed funding that will lead to a strong proposal for external funding. One CRIF award (up to $25,000) is offered to supplement other sources of support for research. For the purpose of the CRIF award, PIs on the proposals must be COE faculty members. See Guidelines email for more information, including the funding priorities. Submit application electronically in a single-file PDF to by 5pm on April 4, 2022.

2022 DSP Proposals Team Community Q&A

UF’s Division of Sponsored Programs is hosting a virtual Q&A session dedicated to UFIRST proposals on Zoom. You will be able to meet virtually with representatives of the DSP Proposals Team and ask questions related to proposal preparation and submission. These sessions are designed to address your individual questions and needs while everyone can have open access to information as well. Additional details, including Zoom link, will follow in the week before the Q&A. Even if you do not have a specific question, feel free to drop by. Any questions about the session can be directed to

  • Tuesday, March 29, 2022
    9:00-10:00am ET

Workshop for Fulbright Proposals through Office for Global Research Engagement

UF’s Office for Global Research Engagement (OGRE) supports faculty in international research, teaching, and community engagement. They can help strategize funding opportunities and are offering a hybrid workshop on “How to Prepare a Successful U.S. Scholar Fulbright Application” for UF Faculty. For more information on the event,

  • Monday, March 28, 2022
    12:00-1:30pm ET

NSF Presents: New Approaches to Representing Women in Science

The National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) is hosting an online dialogue between two historians of science and a multidisciplinary artist moderated by a science historian from the National Portrait Gallery. The panel will discuss recent attempts at representation of women in the history of science through portraiture and biography. They will explore the challenge of subverting established historical narratives and defining women’s participation in the history of science. They will also examine the role of collaboration in producing and consuming these histories, the use of new technologies and media platforms, and efforts to identify and engage audiences. Registration for this event is free though required.

  • Tuesday, March 22, 2022
    5:00-6:00pm ET

IES Research Methods Training Program

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) is funding four research methods training programs this upcoming summer. These in-person workshops support the training of current education researchers to expand and upgrade their methodological skills. These trainings will cover cluster-randomized trials, advanced single-case research methods, economic evaluation, and meta-analysis. Costs to attend are covered in varying degrees by grants, and some scholarships may be available. Click Read More to see the workshop information.

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Awarded Projects for January 2022

Congratulations to Philip Poekert for his award from Children First Professional Development Center; Paige Pullen for her two awards from the Raymond School District – Lamprey River Elementary School and the Early Learning Coalition of Orange County; and Darbianne Shannon for her subcontract ACF Flow Through award from the University of South Carolina at Columbia.

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Submitted Projects for January 2022

Best wishes to Pavlo “Pasha” AntonenkoSwarup Bhunia, and Jeremy Wasiome for their proposal to NSF; Pavlo “Pasha” Antonenko and Kara Dawson for their proposal to NSF; Pavlo “Pasha” Antonenko for his two subcontract NSF Flow Through proposals to the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa; Anthony Botelho for his proposal to NSF and his subcontract IES Flow Through proposal to Graspable Math, Inc.; Catherine Cavanaugh for her subcontract DHHS Flow Through proposal to Florida’s Office of Early Learning; Elif Akcali and Elayne Colon for their proposal to NSF; Frank Fernandez for his proposal to the American Education Research Association; Ashley Pennypacker Hill for her proposal to the Florida Department of Education; Herman Knopf for his subcontract ACF Flow Through proposal to Florida’s Office of Early Learning; Mostafa Reisi GahrooeiDavid MillerIoannis Ampatzidis, and Ute Albrecht for their proposal to NSF; Paige Pullen for her proposal to United Way Suncoast; Matthew Schmidt for his proposal to NSF and his subcontract NIH Flow Through proposal to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; Carla Schmidt for her subcontract IES Flow Through proposal to Behavioral Technologies Consulting Organization; Idalis Villanueva Alarcon and Linda Searby for their proposal to NSF; Eunjin “Jinnie” Shin for her proposal to the American Education Research Association; Tina Smith-Bonahue for her subcontract NSF Flow Through proposal to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and Wanli Xing for his proposal to NSF.

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DSP Reminder: Sponsor Communication

A reminder that the UF Research Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP), as the Authorized Official, is the appropriate office to contact the sponsor with requests for effort commitment changes, budgetary changes, no cost extensions, contractual negotiations, and other official administrative correspondence. Template letters are available on the DSP website to help draft notification to the sponsor, to be signed by the Principal Investigator or other appropriate party, and countersigned by DSP.

DSP reviews all requests and ensures that all information is included; this prevents additional follow-up or clarification requests that may add additional time and unnecessary delay to any sponsor approval request. It also ensures that the appropriate official at the sponsoring agency reviews and approves the request. Please contact the DSP Awards Team at if you have any questions about the request before engaging the sponsor.

Youth-Focused Research Partnership Between NSF and William T. Grant Foundation

The U.S. National Science Foundation and the William T. Grant Foundation are launching a collaborative partnershipsupporting research that can improve the lives of youth. “Increasing the Use, Usefulness, and Impact of Research About Youth” aims to increase the effectiveness of youth-centered research and its capacity to foster widespread societal benefits. The partnership invites research proposals that can provide decision-makers and other leaders with new discoveries and evidence that are timely and relevant to local and national challenges faced by youth. Multiple types of fundamental research will be supported, including those that can increase the uptake and public value of interventions for youth-related issues such as school violence, mental health, and inequality in educational outcomes. NSF will manage the effort through its Science of Science: Discovery, Communication, and Impact program. The William T. Grant foundation will manage the effort through their Improving the Use of Research Evidence grant program. More information is available in the Dear Colleague Letter.

IES 2022 Annual PI Meeting Recap

Two weeks ago, the IES held its annual meeting for PIs. Upon reviewing the priorities of the Standards for Excellence in Education Research (SEER), the Director of the IES announced ongoing work to add a ninth principle related to equity in education. The IES will also soon publish a guide for researchers in education that encourages use of Bayesian estimates. Projects funded through IES will see increased monitoring for adherence to SEER principles, and researchers are encouraged to spend more time analyzing data. For more information about the ongoing development of SEER, read the IES Director’s recent blog post.

UF Mainspring: Inviting and Hosting International Visitors and Scholars

UF Mainspring is hosting an online session which will cover the University’s processes for inviting and hosting International Scholars & International Visitors. UF Research Integrity, Security and Compliance (UF RISC) and the UF International Center (UFIC) will provide an overview of the UF Policy on Hosting International Visitors and Scholars. They will discuss the hosting request submission and review process, and provide information on international scholar visa processing. Register here in advance.

  • Tuesday, February 15, 2022